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RYU Apparel celebrates 6 year anniversary

By Rosalie Wessel

25 Nov 2021


Image: RYU Apparel

RYU Apparel is planning to celebrate its 6 year anniversary with an annual in-store shopping event.

A tradition that RYU has kept up since it first opened, the event will be held on November 26. Including live music and a 30 percent discount, RYU will also be improving its in store customer experience to make gift purchases easier.

The event will be held in various RYU locations such as Brooklyn, Toronto, and Williamsburg.

“Celebrating our anniversary means celebrating our customers, partners and shareholders,” said CEO Cesare Fazari. “Their trust in our vision has allowed us to take several successful leaps over the past year…and we’re just getting started.”

RYU originally began as a mixed martial arts equipment company, eventually expanding to include a variety of performance and lifestyle products.

The brand also launched its first printed catalogue earlier in the month, and distributed it across the US. The catalog program drove a 407 percent USD increase, versus the same time last year. It has also recently released a collaboration with The Wall Trainer.