Shoppers Stop has earmarked Rs 60 crores for digitisation of its stores. This will offer facilities like contact-less payment as well as a more personalised shopping experience to customers.

So, by 2020 the retail major expects 20 per cent revenues to be generated via the digital medium as opposed to one per cent now. Contact-less payment uses audio signals or tone tags for data exchange between devices. Payment instructions are transmitted, using a sound signal, through a traditional phone line, without any additional hardware or software requirements.

Shoppers Stop has 80 outlets across the country. For the quarter ended December 2016, Shoppers Stop posted a 12 per cent rise in total income as opposed to the corresponding quarter of last year.

The company has undertaken a number of transformation activities, which it hopes to complete by the third quarter. Its IT spends are focused on operational expenses, introducing scalable solutions and bringing in transformation. As a part of the transformation process, Shoppers Stop stores across the country have wireless solutions and guest wi-fi. This will enable a single-view dashboard of connected customers, insights into customer behavior analytics, traffic flow and analytics as well as location-based services for effective in-store marketing and tracking.