American casual footwear brand Vans is planning to focus on brick-and-mortar stores in metros. With more than 45 EBOs, Vans India plans to build a robust brick-and-mortar store network through various formats including EBOs, MBOs and shop in shops. The brand plans to set up stores mostly in metros and Tier I cities. As Ankita Bajaj Shankar, Marketing Leads, Vans India says they have a presence in both LFS and EBOs, the experience has been better in EBOs.

She believes one can experience the brand and culture better in an EBO environment, where there is a scope to tell the brand and the product story. The company is looking at sustainable ways to expanding its offline footprint through EBOs, SIS and MBOs. While the focus would be on metros and Tier-I, they would explore opportunities in Tier-II locations as well.

On omni-channel network, Shankar added, the company works on a healthy mix of online and offline channel that suits the purchasing pattern of younger consumers.