Parvati Fabrics has launched Raisin, a contemporary clothing line for the modern Indian woman. The line comes in a variety of styles including dresses, kurtas, tunics and more. Raisin is a blend of Indian culture and modern influences. One of Raisin’s visions is to position itself as a brand that provides modern women contemporary fusion wear that is not only exceptionally comfortable but also stylish. Raisin is looking to understanding the needs of today’s women in terms of accessibility and staying updated with the latest fashion trends, while providing extreme comfort.

Raisin wants to reach a larger audience through its shop in shop retail model. For 30 years Parvati Fabrics has been trading across India and exporting high quality fabrics and designer women’s wear to various countries all over the world. Women’s wear segment contributes 38 per cent to the total apparel market in India. With an increase in the number of working women in the country, purchasing power has increased too, making women’s apparel market one of the fastest moving segments in India.


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