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Yohji Yamamoto unveils new store in New York as part of US expansion

By Rachel Douglass


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Yohji Yamamoto New York Wooster store. Credits: Yohji Yamamoto.

Japanese designer label Yohji Yamamoto has revealed a new concept store in the Soho District of New York City, where the company’s various brands have been showcased.

Dubbed ‘Yohji Yamamoto New York Wooster’, the 150 square metre boutique has been framed as a “new project” to express the brand’s universe.

Its interior reflects this mission through the use of LED panels and imagery by Takay, a photographer assigned to capture the world of the brand in recent years and had his work on display at the opening of the location.

Here, the collections of Yohji Yamamoto and Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme, as well as the company’s Y’s and Limi Feu brands will be on display throughout the space, providing the store with the company’s largest offering in the country.

In a release, Yohji Yamamoto also said that the retail location will function as an opportunity for future business expansion in the US.

The brand has already carried out somewhat of a retail expansion in other regions over recent months, with the renovation and reopening of its Paris Cambon store in January 2023 and its London Savile Row store in March 2023.

Store opening
Yohji Yamamoto