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Video: Stitching fashion back together

By FashionUnited


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PVH is taking a unique approach to implementing disruptive innovation along the fashion value chain that will shape the industry for years to come. In this 2019 WebSummit talk, Anne-Christine Polet (SVP of Digital Ventures at PVH Europe’s corporate startups, Hatch and Stitch) discussed the challenges designers face and the need to modernize the traditional design process.

In a recent email to FashionUnited, Polet further elaborated on how the fashion industry can address this issue as efficiently and quickly as possible:

Polet: Driving a change like this across a somewhat traditional industry like fashion boils down to mindset. There’s courage needed as well as practical thinking to change existing ways of working. Brands need to believe that digital will make things better for all involved, from designers, to partners across the supply chain, to consumers. Digital needs to be top priority and embraced at all levels of the organization.

It’s key to really consider how you will approach the digital transformation. For large digital initiatives that require a lot of change in terms of technology, internal processes and behavior, it’s crucial to show real wins early on in the process. You need to start small: try, test and learn. Put things into practice. It’s the process of doing that actually allows you to innovate more on both the technology as well as the new processes that emerge from the use of technology. This kind of approach gives you real buy-in on all levels-from the actual user to the C-suite-for the transformation.

Source: Web Summit, via YouTube

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