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118 organisations sign Euratex’s TCLF Pact for Skills

By Rachel Douglass

17 Dec 2021


Image: Roman Spiridonov via Unsplash

An initiative promoted by the European Commission (EC) and coordinated by Euratex had received 118 signatories committing to the investment of reskilling and upskilling workers in multiple sectors of fashion.

Members stem from various areas of the industry, including employers, social partners, national and regional authorities, education and training providers.

The Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Footwear (TCLF) Pact for Skills acknowledges the skills challenge in the industry and holds the goal of maximising the impact of investments in improving existing skills and training in new skills. From 2022, members of the pact will gain networking, guidance and resources offered by the EC, to implement targets proposed in the agreement.

The pact also asks members to work together on large-scale skills partnerships, to guarantee the exchange of practices and increase the attractiveness of the sector.

Five objectives have been set for signatories to follow, with each identifying a certain number of target actions. Objectives include the promotion of lifelong learning in technology and circular design skills, building strong skills partnerships with relevant stakeholders, monitoring skills supply and anticipating skills needed, raising awareness and attractiveness in the TCLF industries and working against discrimination.