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Afterpay to spotlight emerging designers at NYFW

By Alissa Schumacher


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Image: courtesy of NYFW: The Shows

Afterpay, the leading player in the "Buy Now Pay Later" (BNPL) payments sector, has announced its latest venture as the title sponsor of New York Fashion Week: The Shows.

NYFW: The Shows is a new space “built exclusively to showcase emerging designers who represent the future of fashion”.

As the title sponsor of NYFW, Afterpay is offering its customers an all-access pass to a series of events, including virtual and in-person shows, workshops, and special shopping experiences.

Afterpay will support emerging designers with a central hub for NYFW: the ‘RunwayX by Afterpay’. Starting on February 11, customers can win tickets for front-row seats in eight fashion shows like Aknvas, Private Policy, and Tia Adeola.

Additionally, customers can win tickets for the ‘The Afterpay Xperience’, an immersive event for show viewing parties, customization stations, and more. Designers like BruceGlen and Colin LoCascio will incorporate them by offering experiences like giving them the opportunity to vote for their favourite product or the chance to walk the runway.

An interactive workshop with designer Colin LoCascio and journalist Zanna Roberts Rassi will be provided, the ‘NYFW Afterclass’, where fashion students will get encouraged to recreate a sustainable look.

Finally, Afterpay and IMG will host a panel about fashion technology and innovation. Therefore, industry experts will get invited on February 13 to talk about their experiences and visions for the future.