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Agent and Brands Matchmaker Anton Dell partners with FashionUnited

By FashionUnited


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“With many of our clients returning to ask for further help we know we offer a good service”, says Anton Dell, the founder and CEO of the Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy, mentor and a keynote speaker on best fashion export practice. 

Who is Anton Dell

Anton has 5 decades in the fashion business under his belt, with experience in retail as well as manufacturing. His export achievements gave him an extensive knowledge of the world’s fashion markets and an in-depth comprehension of how different markets work around the world. This allowed him to have an unrivalled network of high-level contacts in the world of fashion.

Prior to starting the consultancy in 1994, he was one of the leading agents in the UK, representing major European brands for more than 20 years. Now the consultancy celebrates 25 years successfully helping brands to find the right agents and distributors.

The challenges of internationalization

Many fashion brands struggle in their pursuit of efficient international expansion, mainly due to saturated markets and limited networks. On the other hand, every brand is different and needs a personalized approach to succeed abroad. Anton Dell Consultancy has extended experience and history of success in matching brands with suitable agents and distributors worldwide as well as helping the brands build their new international identity. 

The consulting company’s network of over 20,000 sales agents, representatives and distributors in over 30 countries worldwide ensures that brands are being supported in an effective and tailored way. The proactive team has helped brands like Quay, Linea Raffaelli, Garcia Jeans or Ecco in the choosing of countries, expansion model and even discovering unseen opportunities.

The impact of 7250 matchmaking search projects 

Anton Dell Consultancy has an unprecedented network of connections around the globe as well as a team of specialists with passion for the industry. Apart from agent/ distributor searches, the company offers free advice on international strategy, mentoring programs and webinars. Pre-Covid Anton travelled all over the world giving talks and running workshops on best export practice on top of running the Consultancy.

Valued for his quick response and incomparable knowledge of the industry, Anton Dell shares FashionUnited’s belief in the value of lifetime relationships. Anton Dell’s reliability and competence are among the traits most frequently stressed by his network and ones that make his client database continuously grow and come back. To meet the needs of current and future clients, the company arranges an impressive 75k connections between agents and brands weekly and has successfully appointed 60 agents for SS20 only.

Covid has been a challenging time for all in the fashion business. For Anton Dell, it has been a time for reflection and re-invention and to the matchmaking services, they have added a series of webinars for brands as well as agents which have been highly acclaimed for sharing unique insights into the way fashion works in different countries. Anton's Linkedin and social media posts have a wide readership within industry professionals.

One unusual fact about this company is that after more than 25 years, there is virtually no other company in the world offering a matchmaking service to brands to find agents internationally. Now Anton Dell Consultancy have teamed up with FashionUnited to help even more brands face the new normal with efficiency and provide them with the most complete support through the digital B2B Marketplace.

Photo credit: Anton Dell