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Amazon to invest 700 million euros in European robotics and AI

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Amazon packages Credits: ANIRUDH via Unsplash

Amazon is leveraging its Innovation Lab, a diverse team of scientists and engineers from around the globe, to pioneer new technologies aimed at enhancing support for employees and improving customer satisfaction. Situated in Vercelli, Italy, the Amazon Operations Innovation Lab is shaping the trajectory of work across Amazon's network where advanced robotics and AI innovations are crafted and tested.

Since its establishment in 2017, the lab has served as the central hub for the global Mechatronics & Sustainable Packaging team. By 2024, this team will have overseen the installation of over 1,000 robotics and AI-powered innovations across Amazon's European fulfilment centre network, representing a substantial investment exceeding 700 million euros. These cutting-edge technologies, ranging from item sorters to automated guide vehicles, are used to optimise operational efficiency and create a safer working environment.

The lab is current serving as a training center for Amazon Robotics operators and a nurturing ground for startups backed by the Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund. Beginning this year, the lab will open its doors to the public, offering insights into the development of groundbreaking technologies.

In a press release Amazon said with each technology comes different skill requirements, and in many cases the creation of new specific roles. “Over 50,000 jobs in FCs across Europe have been enhanced by the introduction of new technologies over the last decade which support employees in their roles, providing them with a safer working environment and upskilling opportunities.”

“We are proud to open the doors of our lab, not only as a hub of innovation for Amazon, but to encourage customers, schools, and start-ups to be inspired and learn about the potential for technologies to create a better and safer future of work,” said Stefano La Rovere, Director for Global Robotics - Mechatronics & Sustainable Packaging. “At Amazon, our commitment to thinking big runs deep – over five years to the end of 2024, we will have invested over 700 million euros in the deployment of more than 1,000 robotics systems across our European fulfilment centre network.”

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