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Asos reportedly mulling India entry through Reliance Retail

By Rachel Douglass


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Credits: Asos

Asos is believed to be considering an entry into the Indian market, as discussions between the e-commerce retailer and the region’s Reliance Retail are said to be underway.

A source for Indiaretailing reported that the talks had been happening for a while yet an agreement had not yet been reached.

According to the media outlet, a deal could initially begin with selling Asos products through Reliance’s Ajio platform, as well as the group’s Centro department store chain.

The source further mentioned that there was a possibility for a standalone Asos store, while details of an official webstore remained unclear.

The news comes on the back of reports that Primark had been exploring a possible deal with Reliance, with the budget retailer also said to be mulling a series of large scale store openings in India.

Such agreements would further bolster Reliance’s already impressive selection of partnered brands, with the group having already established deals with the likes of Burberry, Marks & Spencer, Gap and Diesel, among others.

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