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Avon starts its journey to becoming Leaping Bunny approved

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Credits: Avon

Global cosmetics company Avon is partnering with Cruelty Free International to start the process of becoming Leaping Bunny approved, underling its 30-year commitment to animal welfare.

Cruelty Free International’s Leaping Bunny programme is the globally recognised gold standard for cruelty-free products, with requirements that go above and beyond laws restricting animal testing, and for Avon to receive approval its entire supply chain is being “rigorously audited,” to ensure compliance.

In a statement, Avon said that the first of its ranges to receive Leaping Bunny approval will be Fragrance, Avon Care and Anew, with all other Avon product ranges due to obtain approval within 12 months.

Angela Cretu, chief executive at Avon, said: “As a brand with a long-standing commitment to making the world better for all, I’m proud to announce Avon’s partnership with Cruelty Free International, building on our 30-year commitment to animal welfare.”

The Leaping Bunny programme is the only cruelty-free standard that requires a supplier monitoring system to be implemented by the brand, supply chain checking right down to the ingredient manufacturer level, adherence to a fixed cut-off date policy and acceptance of regular independent audits to ensure ongoing compliance.

Since 2017, Leaping Bunny has seen a 190 percent increase in brands enquiring about approval, demonstrating that global consumer demand for cruelty-free products is impacting how brands operate.

Michelle Thew, chief executive at Cruelty Free International, added: “I am delighted to announce our partnership with Avon. To work with them to help end animal testing for cosmetics and declare their Fragrance, Avon Care and Anew ranges officially approved under the Leaping Bunny Programme is a real milestone for the global brand.

"I look forward to our continued partnership to approve the entire Avon product range over the next 12 months. Welcome to the Leaping Bunny family!”

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