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Big fashion brands may flee Kolkata

By FashionUnited


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Big brands of world fashion like Gucci, Nine West, Zara and Marks & Spencer may drift away from Kolkata to Bangladesh, Pakistan and China, if the notification banning cattle trade for slaughter stays, claimed the Council of Leather Export on Sunday.

The lack of supply of animal skin, leather exporters said, has already dealt a death blow to the Rs 6,000-crore industry. The exporters have now sought chief minister Mamata Banerjee's intervention.

Mohammed Zia Nafis, president of finished leather goods section of Council of Leather Export says he received a call from the London office of Marks & Spencer. Other brands like Gucci, Zara and Nine West have also started inquiries, he added.

Nafis, a partner of Nafis Tannery Industry says that these big brands import finished hide from Kolkata, where special types of hides that suit the need of the fashion industry of Europe and the US are processed. The grain and pattern of hide produced in Kolkata tanneries is of the very best quality, and is in high demand in European markets. Already, Bangladesh exporters have started contacting us for processing export contract.

The specter of notification has also cast a shadow on the Christmas export commitment that takes care of 50 per cent of the total year's export. The export began on September 15 and continues till November 15.

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