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Bluestar Alliance acquires Scotch & Soda’s US business assets

By Rachel Douglass


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Scotch & Soda New York store. Image: Bluestar Alliance

New York-based Bluestar Alliance has announced the acquisition of Scotch & Soda’s US wholesale and retail business assets nearly two months after the Dutch brand filed for bankruptcy in the Netherlands.

While news of Bluestar’s takeover of Scotch & Soda’s worldwide licensing and distribution rights had already become evident towards the end of March, the brand management company said that a separate affiliate will now be taking responsibility for the brand’s US distribution and retail stores.

Scotch & Soda USA appoints global president

Next to this, Bluestar also announced that Anthony Lucia had been appointed as global president of Scotch & Soda USA and global business operations, where he will oversee and further expand the lifestyle brand.

Lucia brings over 25 years of expertise to the company, having previously run both US and global fashion brands, including Hugo Boss, G-Star and Escada.

Under his leadership, Scotch & Soda will continue on its strategy of premium retail distribution, which includes operating retail stores and its e-commerce platform.

He has also been tasked with streamlining and ensuring a smooth transition across the retail footprint and global brand operations to push for expansion and profitable growth.

Bluestar said it wants to continue introducing new customers to the brand, with plans to invest in marketing initiatives that hope to drive brand awareness and enable strong customer engagement.

The firm’s chief operating officer Ralph Gindi commented on Lucia’s appointment and the acquisition in a release, stating: "We are excited to welcome a veteran fashion executive to take the helm of the Scotch & Soda business.

"Scotch & Soda is known across the globe for its ties to Amsterdam and fine craftsmanship of trendsetting product, and we want to introduce the brand to new consumers especially here in the US."

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