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BrandLab360 appoints former Ralph Lauren VP to exec role

By Rachel Douglass



Simon Lee, chief operations officer at BrandLab360. Image: BrandLab360

V-commerce fashion firm BrandLab360 has snapped up former Ralph Lauren vice president, Simon Lee, for the role of chief operations officer.

The Welsh company said in a release that it had headhunted Lee for his expertise in the fashion sector, with the goal of helping develop the business further.

Co-founded in 2016, BrandLab360 has established itself to be a leader in providing immersive virtual reality (VR) solutions for the fashion and beauty industry.

On its platform, customers can shop in VR through the use of avatars and can buy goods directly from the digital space.

Operating via offices in both the UK and US, the company now counts the likes of Estée Lauder, Skechers and Barbour among its clients.

In a release, Lee said: “My appointment to the senior leadership team of BrandLab360 is truly exciting. Working at the forefront of internet evolution has the inevitability of playing a positive part in the near future.”

Lee noted that while at Ralph Lauren he had often led and collaborated on projects to either introduce or develop new technologies to push the boundaries of a traditional business model.

He continued: “It was always essential to keep both the customer and the brand experience at the forefront of any development, that balance is critical to luxury and premium brands.

"At BrandLab360 both the fashion and beauty sectors are main focuses. We are creating both B2B and B2C immersive metaverse solutions for some of the world's leading brands. It is very rewarding being able to apply two decades of luxury brand commerce experience to our clients' business objectives.”

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