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D. Louise receives investment from former Gymshark CEO

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Olivia Jenkins, founder of D. Louise and Steve Hewitt, founder of Whanau Credits: D. Louise

Rapidly growing jewellery brand D. Louise has received investment from former chief executive and executive chair of Gymshark Steve Hewitt to help expand the business.

Founded in 2021 by Olivia Jenkins as a direct-to-consumer brand, D. Louise is looking to redefine the jewellery industry by creating high-quality, aesthetic jewellery at affordable prices.

Built around the premise of “jewellery you never have to take off,” founder Jenkins spotted a gap in the market for everyday jewellery that doesn’t tarnish with her offering of timeless and aspirational pieces.

Each month, the brand introduces a new collection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets and rings, all crafted from the durable highest-grade 361L stainless steel, with each piece coming with a lifetime guarantee against colour fading.

D. Louise jewellery collection Credits: D. Louise

The investment builds upon what the brand calls a “tremendously successful” two years since inception, selling more than 350,000 units sold to date and is predicting an annual growth rate exceeding 100 percent in the coming year, which it adds offers the foundation to take the brand global.

Jewellery brand D. Louise looking to expand following investment from Steve Hewitt

Jenkins and her team began working with Hewitt through his advisory business Whanau in February 2023. Hewitt will be assisting the jewellery brand with scaling the business and joining as investment director.

D. Louise adds they plan to use the investment to further accelerate its expansion efforts through growing awareness by partnering with key ambassadors and hosting offline activations such as pop-ups and events.

At present, the jewellery brand's biggest markets are the UK and the US, which account for 95 percent of its sales.

D. Louise jewellery collection Credits: D. Louise

Commenting on the investment, Jenkins said in a statement: "We are thrilled to welcome Steve as our investment director. As a young and rapidly expanding direct-to-consumer brand, we are excited to have Steve's expertise on board to propel us towards further expansion.

“We aspire to not only dominate but also redefine the market, and Steve's extensive experience, particularly his contributions to the direct-to-consumer giant, Gymshark, will prove invaluable on our journey."

D. Louise jewellery collection Credits: D. Louise

Steve Hewitt, founder of Whanau, added: "These days businesses with genuine, credible and compelling origin stories are a rare gem. Olivia Jenkins and the D.Louise team have built the brand around purpose and inspiring a community which is incredible to see and something very special.

“The Whanau team and I are incredibly excited to be part of their future journey and cannot wait to join them as we grow the brand internationally.”

D. Louise jewellery collection Credits: D. Louise
Steve Hewitt