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DressX becomes first digital fashion retailer to partner with Zepeto

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: DressX x Zepeto

Digital fashion retailer DressX has announced a new partnership with Zepeto which sees it launch a collection of digital-only wearables through the online metaverse platform.

The retailer has worked together with Zepeto’s virtual fashion influencer Monica Quin on five digital looks created using Quin’s signature colour palette.

The line will be available to wear for Zepeto users’ avatars, with some of the items to also be available to view via augmented reality (AR) on DressX’s app.

“Created by the purely digital fashion company and curated by Zepeto-native top performing avatar influencer, this collection gives an insight into the future of fashion, where ideas are born and brought to life fully and authentically in the digital world,” said Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova, founders of DressX, in a release.

The duo’s statement continued: “The new generation of users socialise and build their identities with no limits in the metaverse, and DressX is honoured to provide an ultimate metacloset for their lives in Web3.”

Jay Lee, the CEO of Naver Z, a subsidiary of South Korea’s Naver that operates Zepeto, seconded the DressX founders’ perspective, adding that the two platforms are “redefining what it means to be a fashion designer and brand in the metaverse era”.

Lee added: “Everything happens virtually, from ideation to creation to distribution and promotion. I’m thrilled to see this collaboration happening.

“Monica’s success proves that being a digital fashion brand doesn’t require a pricey education or access to an exclusive network. Zepeto empowers creators to grow as entrepreneurs by providing the tools and platform to grow their fans and customers.”

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