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Dutch Michael Kors employees set up trade union group

By Susan Zijp


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Michael Kors store on Regent Street, London. Credits: Michael Kors.

Employees at the Michael Kors distribution centre in Venlo, the Netherlands, are joining forces with the FNV, the Dutch trade union said in a news release.

The FNV emphasised the distressing situation in which the distribution workers have found themselves on a daily basis, claiming they are paid a minimum wage of 13.27 euros per hour, while luxury fashion giant Michael Kors 'runs off with the loot', so to speak.

"Through the employees in Venlo, the fashion items are sold and the US company makes billions in sales and millions in profits worldwide," the FNV said.

According to the organisation, this can be done more fairly, starting with a works council. Michael Kors currently does not have one, but it is required by law, the FNV noted.

In addition to this, there are no pay regulations, and as such someone with more experience is therefore not financially rewarded for it.

The union group has demanded more from the US company. This namely revolves around respect, for which the union group started a petition, as well as a 14 percent pay rise.

Michael Kors has had a distribution centre in Venlo since 2016, where about 300 employees are employed making the famous bags, shoes, watches and clothes for shops in Europe and the Middle East.

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