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EcoBeautyScore Consortium launches with 36 cosmetics companies

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: EcoBeautyScore Consortium

A group of both small and large companies and associations have gathered together to officially launch the EcoBeautyScore Consortium, with the collective goal of developing an environmental impact assessment and scoring system for cosmetics products.

A total of 36 members, including the likes of Unilever, L’Oréal Group, LVMH and Henkel, have formed the group, which continues to remain open to new partners.

Members have been tasked with collectively developing a common method of measuring environmental impact, creating a database and assessment tool and introducing a scoring system.

Its first prototype is targeted for the end of 2022, at which time it hopes to offer a scoring system for select product categories.

Ultimately, the group’s mission is to provide global consumers with the knowledge to make sustainable choices through its scheme through comparable environmental impact information based on science-based data.

The group’s formation comes as a response to the growing consumer demand for greater transparency around the impact of cosmetics products, it has said, with an increasing number of consumers looking specifically to brands utilising circular practices.

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