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Esmod International secures environmental certification in France

By Aéris Fontaine


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Esmod 'No Mad' student capsule collection, illustrative image. Credits: Courtesy of Esmod.

AFNOR, or the French Standardisation Association, has awarded the Paris-based fashion school Esmod International its ‘Progression 1 star’ ISO certification for environmental and social responsibility.

The label recognises Esmod International's efforts to promote a more responsible approach to fashion and its commitment to helping companies and professions in the fashion and luxury sectors make the ecological transition.

‘For Esmod International, this label is much more than just recognition, it also provides us with a concrete roadmap by measuring the performance of the school's CSR strategies, methods and actions, and thus positioning itself as a player committed to its students for a more responsible and inclusive fashion’, Esmod said in a press release.

The certification, which is valid for three years, is based on 55 selection criteria, including an on-site assessment lasting several days, an analysis of the company's practices and the presentation to an independent examiner of evidence of the school's control over the social, environmental and economic impacts of its activities.

AFNOR's certification recognises ESMOD's commitment, while inviting the school to continue along the same path and further its social and environmental objectives.

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.FR. Translation and edit from French into English by Veerle Versteeg.

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