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Everpress increases profits for creators by 25 percent over Black Friday weekend

By Rachel Douglass


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Everpress lifestyle imagery. Image: Everpress

In a bid to support the slew of independent designers utilising its platform, fashion marketplace Everpress announced it would be increasing its creators’ profit share over the course of Black Friday weekend.

From November 25 to 29, creators on the platform would be receiving a 25 percent extra payout on top of original profits.

In a release, Everpress said the initiative comes in light of the current post-pandemic landscape, with its current efforts centred on valuing independent artists and “giving even more of their cut”.

It builds on the retailer’s overall mission to support independent creatives, artists and entrepreneurs, for which it has launched a series of initiatives since its 2016 launch that has seen over seven million pounds paid out to creators.

Speaking on the Black Friday activation, Everpress founder Alex Econs said the company has helped an array of creatives generate a strong revenue stream or secondary income.

Econs added: “We know that winter can be a tough time for independent creatives and freelancers and we want to do what we can to give back to the community at the heart of our business.

“There have been incredible stories of the money being used to fund travel, pay bills and kickstart passion projects and we don’t want that to stop. We believe that creativity has the power to change the world and we exist to make sure it does.”

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