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Fashinnovation launches tech and solution directory

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Fashinnovation

Global fashion platform Fashinnovation has launched a new Business and Tech Directory designed to feature innovative solution-providers for the fashion supply chain.

The new platform, which looks to promote and facilitate direct contact between brands and tech companies, hopes to create positive change into the industry through new innovations.

Companies featured on the site will be displayed to Fashinnovation’s 550 plus members, consisting of CEOs and founders who have joined the organisation since its creation in 2018.

Tech providers in the directory have each been categorised into specific filtered groups, such as metaverse, digitalisation, textile sourcing, customer experience and e-commerce, allowing users to easily search for what they are looking for.

Putting tech solutions all into one place

Ultimately, the directory hopes to help in increasing a company’s presence online, “reinforcing their reachout through Fashinnovation’s consolidated channels and allowing them to generate new business opportunities”, the organisation noted in a release.

The platform’s co-founder, Jordana Guimarães, said: “Fashinnovation is all about connecting and finding new possibilities and, because of that, we come across multiple solutions for different business models everyday. We thought it was time to put all these solutions in one place, so we created our own Business and Tech Directory.”

Guimarães added: “We’ve been featuring businesses, from start-ups to enterprises, since day one, in multiple formats, and after years of experimenting, we came up with this innovative brand directory that presents solutions for all fashion supply chains in one single place".

Furthermore, tech founders will also have the chance to participate in promotional initiatives taking place throughout the year.

The Business and Tech Directory unveiling closely follows Fashinnovation’s launch of its Brand Directory, which follows a similar concept but is instead centred around promoting ethical and sustainable brands.

Companies included in both directories will be present on the platform for a whole year and have gained a dedicated space to exhibit their website and direct contact details, should another company wish to find them.