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Fashion Federations Directory with over 100 apparel associations, federations and NGO’s

By FashionUnited


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Image Credit: Armen Aydinyan via Unsplash

A significant part of the global fashion industry is driven by large organizational entities that strengthen the impact of fashion on the world economy. Federations connect the different parts of the fashion business, from the manufacturing level to the creative direction. Thus, becoming the ambassadors of the textile and apparel sector. Some focus on promoting the newest fashion designs and textiles worldwide by hosting trade fairs and fashion shows. While other federations address cross-industry issues that impact economic policies, seeking sustainable and innovative solutions for the industry.

As a leading international B2B platform, FashionUnited maintains the Fashion Federations Directory, a database of apparel federations and trade organizations worldwide. The Directory includes over 100 entities, ranging from trade to non-profit organizations. For each of the listed federations, fashion professionals find a profile page with their mission and vision, along with other relevant information. Through the Federation Directory, professionals have the opportunity to connect with associations that share their values and objectives, whether it is trade initiatives, the metaverse or fashion activism.

The Directory includes various networks in footwear, accessories, sustainability, as well as digital fashion. Some of them are large associations, such as AAFA, IAF, and EURATEX, while others are dedicated to sustainable or digital fashion, like the Metaverse Fashion Council, Fashion Revolution, or Global Fashion Agenda.This way, fellow professionals can easily connect with the organizations of interest and find the most relevant insights collected in a single place!

FashionUnited connects over one million fashion professionals a month, bringing more efficiency and transparency to the industry. The Fashion Federations Directory invites other stakeholders to actively participate in a network promoting transformation and accelerating sustainable growth in the global fashion industry. The Directory strengthens and expands the global B2B network FashionUnited has built over the past 20 years, creating a unique platform where fashion professionals, knowledge and resources are brought together in one place.

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