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FashionUnited USA grows more than 30%

By FashionUnited PR


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Credits: Pon Lach from Pexels

FashionUnited USA has surpassed pre-Covid levels from the beginning of 2020, achieving a higher performance than before the pandemic as more and more fashion professionals read fashion related news on FashionUnited USA and apply for jobs on the website.

Active in over 30 countries in 10 languages

Besides working with a dynamic and skilled network of journalists in the United States, the B2B platform FashionUnited is present in over 30 markets worldwide, and provides the latest news and knowledge about the fashion sector in over 10 different languages.

With a reach of over one million readers per month, FashionUnited spans across major fashion cities including Los Angeles, New York, London, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong. As the global fashion network continues to grow, FashionUnited remains committed to consistently exceeding expectations and cementing itself as the primary source of market insights and latest fashion news.

Wide range of services

Since FashionUnited’s start in 1998, the network has become the go-to place for reliable fashion-related B2B news. Alongside sharing diverse business intelligence related information with the international fashion industry, such as an index of most valuable fashion brands, the website also offers various services for professionals to boost their career in the industry.

Compared to before the pandemic the number of monthly visitors grew over 30% to approximately 250,000, now offering a wide range of job opportunities and local industry news. In the next 12 months more content and services will be added aiming to achieve a similar growth number in one year.