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Francesca's announces launch of resale program with ThredUp

By Alissa Schumacher


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Image: ThredUp

Women’s boutique chain Francesca's has announced the introduction of a resale program called ‘Forever Francesca’s’ that aims to combat fashion waste. For the launch of the new program, the brand will partner with ThredUP, one of the largest online resale platforms worldwide.

"We are aware of the environmental impact apparel has on our planet, and our work with ThredUP in launching ‘Forever Francesca's’ is an important first step in doing our part to make a difference," stated chief marketing officer Jann Parish in a press release.

The program will allow customers to shop for secondhand products and resell clothing, shoes, and accessories through ThredUP's Resale-as-a-Service platform. The partnership between those companies is part of a growing trend among retailers to address the negative environmental impact of the fashion industry. According to a report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is wasted every second, and the fashion industry is responsible for 10 percent of global carbon emissions.

Through the program, customers can send worn items from any brand to ThredUP for free, which will handle the cleaning, pricing, and selling. By receiving a payout in form of store credits, Francesca's supports the sustainable use of clothing while offering customers an incentive to return and repurchase.

According to ThredUP, nearly one billion clothing purchases of secondhand items were made in 2021, showing the shift in consumer demand. Parish commented: "Our Millennial and Gen-Z customers value their eco-footprint but they also come to our boutique for a fun opportunity to find something unique – resale is the perfect blend of both of those experiences.”