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Galeries Lafayette launches B2B insights platform

By Rachel Douglass


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Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann

French department store chain Galeries Lafayette has revealed a new B2B platform that provides consumer insights for the company’s partner brands.

Entitled ‘Tailored Insights’, the platform utilises data to analyse customer behaviours, which is then provided to brands, giving them the opportunity to better understand Galeries Lafayette customers and customise their in-store experience.

Developed in-house using Service Design Agile and Lean Startup methodologies, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, the data provided aims to allow brands to offer their customers a more personalised retail experience.

Features include secure data management and analysis capabilities that will hopefully contribute to an improved product range, the ability to anticipate upcoming trends and better marketing strategies.

The retailer also hopes that the new platform will provide benefits to itself, helping it to also gain a further understanding of its own visitors.

The implementation comes as part of Galeries Lafayette’s omnichannel transformation, the group said in a release, capitalising on its monthly e-commerce customer base and network of stores around France.

Galeries Lafayette