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Global Fashion Agenda to host refreshed summit on forging ‘new era’ alliances

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Global Fashion Agenda, Facebook

This year, the Copenhagen Fashion Summit has adopted a new name in what is part of the organisation’s manifestation of a further global outlook and reach. Now entitled the Global Fashion Summit, the forum will continue to build on its 13-year history “by strengthening its representation and connections with diverse perspectives from across the world”.

To further this mission, the summit is now to take place in various international cities in the future, in addition to its home base, Copenhagen, where the first edition is to be held.

Presented by nonprofit Global Fashion Agenda, the rejuvenated summit will host a selection of the organisation’s core stakeholders across fashion and parallel industries, each following the central theme ‘Alliances for a New Era’.

Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition 2022 will look to examine cross-industry alliances next to the formation of “previously inconceivable” ones, all with the ultimate mission of accelerating towards a net positive reality.

While the theme will influence the entirety of the summit, the main stage will be the platform for keynote speakers and panels, consisting of companies that could often be perceived as direct competitors. Its goal is to enable transparent conversations about mutual challenges and push collaboration on the development of solutions for urgent issues.

Image: Global Fashion Summit

“We are striving to enable impactful partnerships…”

Beyond the stage, the summit also hopes its theme can apply to the outside world through the creation of new brand partnerships with solution providers in a bid to set long-term commitments based on sustainability performance levels.

To enhance this area, an Innovation Forum will present a curated exhibition of promising sustainable solutions, with participating companies selected to cover the entire value chain. A ‘matchmaking’ service will allow small and large businesses to be directly connected with relevant solution providers.

“‘Alliances for a New Era’ epitomises our current climate – we are living in a time when the majority are ready and willing to evolve but we need to break down silos and pre-competitive barriers to enact truly pervasive change,” said Federica Marchionni, CEO of Global Fashion Agenda, in a release. “Through this Summit, we are striving to enable impactful partnerships and drive progress on a greater scale since there are less than eight years to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.”

An in-depth assessment of the summit’s impact and resulting alliances will be published following the event, with the goal of examining the outcomes and providing a baseline for future forums.

This year’s summit will take place in physical form from June 7 to 8 at the Royal Opera House, Copenhagen.

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