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H&M and Heron Preston reveal new partnership via debut collection

By Rachel Douglass


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H&M and Heron Preston debut collection for H2 partnership. Credits: H&M/Heron Preston.

H&M has unveiled a new partnership with American artist and designer Heron Preston which will include seasonal collections and creative advisory where “product, people and process play equal roles in bringing the shared values” of the two.

Dubbed ‘H2’, the partnership debuts with the launch of its first seasonal collection inspired by the street style of New York and presenting a “manifestation of this multifaceted vision”.

Among the selection are that of a reversible bomber jacket, racing-style jerseys, cotton hoodies and denim jeans, with many of the items also incorporating recycled materials.

It is this circularity that is also at the centre of the collaboration, through which the duo is further launching the circular fashion programme, ‘H2 Exchange’, which aims to equip a new generation of designers with circular mindsets and skills.

The project will launch with an open call for young, New York-based designers to apply, with three talents to then be selected to work alongside Preston in creating a collection of upcycled fashion using donated secondhand clothes.

In a release, Ross Lydon, head of men’s design at H&M, said: "We're excited to launch this multifaceted, long-term partnership with such a strong first collection, democratising Heron Preston's creative vision by making it more accessible to people worldwide. I think we will accomplish many wonderful things together over time, and this is just a first step.”

Heron Preston