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Harrods targeted in Just Stop Oil protest

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Just Stop Oil, Harrods

The Just Stop Oil coalition has targeted London’s Knightsbridge today, stopping traffic and spray painting on the outside of Harrods.

The actions come as part of the group’s attempts to get the government’s attention and demand halts on all new oil and gas licences and consents.

Supporters of the group, which has increasingly made its way into the public eye through elaborate activities, sat in the roads of the busy central area with banners, with some even glueing themselves onto the tarmac.

Two supporters also sprayed the outside of Harrods department store with orange paint.

A spokesperson for the organisation said in a release that the UK government was “actively seeking to accelerate fossil fuel production” as it continues to refuse to “tax the rich and big energy companies”.

The statement continued: “We owe it to our young people to stop fossil fuels, we owe it to our workers to create a just transition to a zero carbon economy, we owe it to our old people to enable them to live with dignity.”

Just Stop Oil has maintained action by carrying out varying degrees of peaceful protests against the government’s plan to licence over 100 new oil and gas projects by 2025.

Over the past two weeks, the organisation has been heightening its efforts of civil resistance, which have included splashing soup over a Vincent van Gogh painting at London’s National Gallery before reciting the question: “What is worth more, art or life?”

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