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Hermès to open two leather goods workshops by 2026

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Hermès

Luxury house Hermès has revealed plans that would see it open two leather goods workshops and provide 500 jobs within the next four years.

The projects are part of the brand’s ongoing ambition of growing its production capacity and driving the heritage of craftsmanship through skill learning and job opportunities.

The future workshops, which are set to open in Charente and L’Isle-d’Espagnac, in France, are an addition to the label’s three other sites currently under construction, located in Louviers, Tournes and Cliron and Riom.

Maroquinerie de L’Isle-d’Espagnac will be joining a number of Hermès’ hubs in the same region, with inauguration scheduled for 2026. It will also be working alongside a selection of partners for the workshops’ development, including French employment agencies and education boards.

Hermès said in a press release that it will rely on its craftsmen and women located in its local workshops to transfer the values and skills onto new employees, while it also plans to expand its apprenticeship training centre to the region later this year.