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Inditex signs 100 million euro supply deal with Infinited Fiber Company

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Inditex x Infinited Fiber Company

Zara owner Inditex has revealed a new partnership with circular textile firm Infinited Fiber Company in a supply deal valued at more than 100 million euros.

The three-year arrangement will see Inditex buy 30 percent of the organisation’s annual future production volume of Infinna, a fibre made from 100 percent textile waste.

The deal falls in line with Infinited Fiber’s scaling up plan, for which it is currently developing its first large-capacity factory, which it expects to open in 2024, when Inditex will start buying Infinna.

“We truly believe innovation is key for the competitive circular future of the fashion industry, which is why we are actively working to find solutions, and searching for new partnerships, processes and materials to achieve textile-to-textile recycling,” said Javier Losada, Inditex’s chief sustainability officer, in a release.

Losada continued: “Collaborating with others in new innovative initiatives – such as Next Generation fibres like Infinna – is vital to carrying out the transformation our industry needs.”

The trademarked fibre imitates the feel of cotton and can be recycled over again through the organisation’s same process. It allows companies to minimise their use of virgin materials and move towards a circular production method.

To celebrate the deal, Zara has launched a capsule with clothing sourced in collaboration with Spanish NFO Cáritas, the retailer’s clothing collection programme partner. The line, available on Zara’s e-commerce site, utilised Infinited Fiber’s textile waste regeneration technology for its production.

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