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Instagram introduces new creator messaging tool

By Rachel Douglass


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Instagram Broadcast Channels. Image: Meta

Social media platform Instagram has announced it will be trialling a new tool that will allow creators to share messages to all their followers.

Unveiled in a blog post by the platform’s owner Meta, Broadcast Channels will enable creators to share text, video, voice notes or photo updates to followers, who are then able to react to the content.

On uploading a message, followers will be asked if they wish to join the creator’s channel and, if accepted, will then receive further notifications when there are updates.

Users will be able to leave or mute the channels at any time, as well as control their notifications.

Once a channel is added to their inbox, it will appear among other message threads.

The mobile-only feature will be tested with a number of US creators and will later be rolled out to include more.

Further elements will also be added to broadcast channels in the coming months, including the ability to bring another creator into the channel and crowdsource questions, among others.

The new addition comes just a few days after the platform announced its intention to halt the use of live stream shopping on the app.

Starting March, users will no longer be able to tag products in live broadcasts on Instagram, marking another step away from live shopping for Meta, which already removed the feature from Facebook.

The company also recently removed the shopping tab from Instagram’s home feed as it set about putting an emphasis on ads.

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