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Isle of Wight launches campaign tackling textile waste

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Unsplash

The UK’s Isle of Wight has announced the launch of a clothing and textile recycling campaign developed alongside its waste partner, Amey.

The campaign hopes to encourage its residents to consider reducing, reusing and recycling when dealing with unwanted clothing and textiles.

Each week the initiative will go into depth on one of the ‘three Rs’, providing tips, advice and education on what to do with acquired textile waste.

“Islanders are already great at recycling but we can all do that little bit more,” said Natasha Dix, the Isle of Wight council’s strategic manager for environment, in a release.

Dix continued: “Although recycling is quick and easy with kerbside collection, there are lots of things you can do before that. This includes reusing your clothing by upcycling them into something new, such as a t-shirt into a bag or cushion cover. Or simply donating to a charity, or selling online.”

The council member added that reducing the amount of purchased clothing was ultimately the best option.

The initiative’s launch builds on Amey’s efforts in the area, with the company already offering residents kerbside pick-up for unwanted textiles.

Its services take away waste textiles to be reused or recycled into new products, such as mattress fillings.

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