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Jeanologia debuts sustainable garment dyeing technology

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Jeanologia, Colorbox

Responsible denim specialist Jeanologia has launched a new technology that aims to transform the garment dyeing process in a way that is both efficient and respects the environment.

Colorbox is part of Jeanologia’s plan to reduce the environmental impact the dyeing process has, presenting an alternative that it said can reduce the use and pollution load of wastewater, chemicals, energy and salts.

The technical solution also enables manufacturers to reduce their production times, allowing them to dye products at any point of the manufacturing process to respond quicker to customer demands.

In a release, the CEO of Jeanologia, Enrique Silla, said: “This allows us to reduce product colour decision making deadlines, decreasing lead time to between two weeks and 48 hours in comparison to the 18 weeks needed in traditional processes.”

The launch comes as Jeanologia also published the results of its annual ecological saving count. In 2021, the eco company said it had saved over 18.2 million cubic metres of water and 83.8 kilograms of CO2 emissions, a figure it has recorded for the first time through its newly developed technologies.

Each step is part of the company’s MissionZero commitment, for which it hopes to eliminate 100 percent of the waste generated through the manufacturing and finishing of jeans.

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