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Kitty and Vibe names three creative designers and celebrity investors

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Kitty and Vibe; Nicole Byer, Zoe Colletti and Sloane Stephens

Austin, Texas-based inclusive swimwear brand Kitty and Vibe has announced that comedian Nicole Byer, actress Zoe Colletti and tennis player Sloane Stephens have all invested in the brand and will become its first class of creative directors.

In a statement, Kitty and Vibe said that Byer, Colletti and Stephens would each design their own exclusive swimsuit prints inspired by their personalities and styles. These prints will then be available in the brand’s best-selling swimwear styles, as well as new silhouettes consulted by the creative designers themselves.

Commenting on the brand’s new celebrity investors, Cameron Armstrong, founder and chief executive officer at Kitty and Vibe, said: “When considering partners, it was imperative that we stayed true to our values as a company, intentionally selecting inspiring women who truly embody and represent our ‘Kind Is My Vibe’ mission, our daily reminder to be kind to ourselves, our bodies, and others.

“Each designer brings their own energy and vibe to the brand which will be reflected in their individual collections. We’re excited to grow our Kitty and Vibe community, introduce our swimsuit shopping solutions to each designer’s audience, and roll out these new vibes!”

The swimwear brand adds that the first class of creative directors represents its “diverse community of consumers across varying ages, body types, races, and lifestyles,” and will launch their limited-edition look for summer 2023.

Nicole Byer, Zoe Colletti and Sloane Stephens invest in Kitty and Vibe

Kitty and Vibe was launched in 2018 to change the long-standing negativity surrounding swimwear by offering swimsuits customised to fit all bodies. The brand is achieving this with its first-to-market sizing metric developed in-house that takes both hip and booty sizing into account. This approach makes them the first swimwear brand to use inseam measurements to address the wide variation in sizing that was previously ignored by the industry to give its customers the best fit.

In addition to normal hip sizes, all Kitty and Vibe bikini bottoms are available in two inseam sizes to ensure a proper fit and all bikini tops are sold by cup size, catering to cup sizes A to H.

American tennis player Sloane Stephens, said: “As a female athlete, I’ve struggled to find cute swimsuits that flatter and fit my muscular build. When I heard about Kitty and Vibe’s transformative bikini bottom sizing metric, a huge differentiator in the swimwear industry, I became a true fan of the brand and was so excited to finally find a swimsuit that perfectly fit my booty.

“Kitty and Vibe celebrates all body types, and I can’t wait to share my personalised designs with the world!”

Actress, comedian, producer, writer, and director Nicole Byer added: “Okay so, I love my body in a bathing suit. It's yummy as hell and I want others to love their bodies and feel good in the bodies they have.

“For that to happen, bathing suit brands need to have size inclusivity, which is why I’m so happy to be working with Kitty and Vibe. They understand that small divas all the way to the big divas need to look and feel good. I’ve always wanted to create a bathing suit line and now my lil dream is a reality and that’s a real treat for me."

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