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Klarna reveals new features for consumers and retailers

By Cenia Zitter


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Beeld: Klarna.com

Retail bank and shopping service platform Klarna is showcasing a new set of features and innovations of its app and website for its ‘Spotlight Spring’ product launch.

Presented are Ask Klarna, Ads Manager, Creator Shops and a new personalised shopping feed, which aim to make shopping and reselling for its 150 million customers more personal, convenient and enjoyable.

As a Klarna survey revealed that about 85 percent of US consumers appreciate a communication service where they can get in touch with product experts to receive more information when shopping online, the app and website now feature Ask Klarna, a tool that makes this possible via chat or video call.

The Ads Manager on the other hand, provides support to retailers and creates more opportunities when it comes to them connecting with their audience. This new addition is a self-service platform with a wide range of marketing solutions, from ad creation to audience targeting and in-platform reporting for campaign optimisation.

Klarna’s new Creator Shops act as a storefront for content creators, making it easier to promote products to consumers and steering them directly towards them via a link. This in combination with the recently launched Creator Platform where creators can promote products through different types of media, intends to simplify both the creator’s expenditure of energy and the customer’s shopping experience.

The payments platform didn’t stop here and further revealed its new discovery shopping feed, which is AI-powered. The in-house developed product recommendation feature is set to give shoppers a highly personalised feed that updates in real time.

Content creator Lydia Tomlinson said in the press release: “The Klarna Creator Platform has opened up a new world of opportunities when it comes to affiliate content. The transparency between what I link and what the brand can see has helped me establish new relationships with brands that I have loved and shopped at for years.”

Creating a smooth in-app experience in terms of shopping and finance management, Klarna also redesigned the app’s surface into five tabs: Shop, Purchases, In-Store, Budget, and You.

On top of that, consumers can now easily resell items that were purchased through the app before and are no longer in use. A ‘Resell’ button that can be found next to the product in the order history will upload the item automatically to a connected resale platform. This specific feature is currently available in Sweden and will soon follow in more regions.

As part of a phased launch strategy, the expansion of said products and features to new areas will take place throughout the year.

Sebastian Siemiatkowski, co-founder and CEO of Klarna, said: “Over the last 18 years, we've transformed into a global shopping destination with smart tools for consumers around the world [.] The new tools we're launching today will create richer, more enjoyable experiences for everyone along the shopping journey and create tremendous opportunities for retailers to grow their business.”

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