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Liberty bets on own-brand products to bolster sales

By Rachel Douglass


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Liberty London storefront. Credits: Liberty

British retailer Liberty is reportedly eyeing an expansion of its own-brand products ahead of plans that could potentially see the opening of dedicated stand-alone stores.

Evidence of such efforts could soon be seen in the launch of a full beauty offering, according to the Financial Times, which will run alongside its existing own-brand accessories, womenswear, menswear and homeware lines.

In conversation with the media outlet, Liberty CEO Adil Mehboob-Khan noted that the department store’s own-brands were among its best-selling products, and as such there has been “a lot of pull for that to go international”.

Mehboob-Khan added that there had been “a lot of demand for [Liberty’s brand] to go outside beyond our e-commerce”, possibly leading to new shops that would exclusively sell such goods.

He continued: “I do imagine, under the Liberty brand umbrella, we will have locations…If it continues like this, there will be demand and justification for us to have our own stores of our own brand.

“But I don’t see us try to replicate [the] Liberty [store]. It’s very difficult to get the magic of the place to travel.”