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lululemon’s support for diversity with its new Supplier Inclusion and Diversity Program

By Alissa Schumacher


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De Lululemon-winkel in Hamburg. Beeld: FashionUnited

lululemon, the athletic apparel brand, launched the new IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Action) Supplier Inclusion and Diversity Program. The initiative is designed to support and encourage diversity within the company's supply chain, with a particular focus on empowering underrepresented and disadvantaged organisations.

Stacia Jones, vice president and global head of IDEA, stated: “At lululemon, we are committed to our Impact Agenda and IDEA commitments, which include reflecting the diversity of the communities we serve and operate in by 2025 and creating an environment that is equitable, inclusive, and fosters growth.” With the mission to grow the business and increase wealth and sustainable jobs in assorted communities, lululemon is eager to work with diverse partners and thereby ensure competitive value.

The new program will be rolled out in stages, with the first phase focusing on identifying and addressing any gaps in diversity and inclusion within lululemon's supplier network. These include women, underrepresented racial groups,persons with disabilities, U.S. Veterans, and the LGBTQ2IA+ community. Part of the brand's strategy is working closely with existing suppliers to develop strategies for promoting diversity, as well as seeking out new suppliers who are committed to inclusive practices.

The second phase of the program will involve the implementation of a set of standards and guidelines for all suppliers to adhere to. These will include requirements for fair pay, safe working conditions, and equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of race, gender, or other characteristics.

The initiative has been launched in the US, but the company developed a global expansion strategy to Canada and international markets until 2026. As every region differentiates economically and socially, the program will be adapted to the local conditions.

Additionally, lululemon has emphasised that this new program is part of its broader commitment to building a more diverse and inclusive organisation. The brand is also planning to launch additional initiatives and actions in order to ensure supplier growth.