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Lush highlights UK human rights issues in new campaign

By Rachel Douglass


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Human Rights for Everyone campaign with EachOther. Credits: Lush.

Cosmetics retailer Lush has brought a new campaign to British high streets that aims to highlight alleged human rights issues in the region alongside collaborator EachOther.

The charity’s briefing paper, ‘Don’t Let Human Rights be a Dirty Word’, has been used to form the basis of the “public education campaign”, Lush said, which will run in all of the company’s stores until June 2.

A core part of the initiative is the introduction of a new shower powder called ‘Human Rights’, which Lush noted would be used as a means to start conversations with the public about serious issues while raising funds for EachOther’s work.

A QR code on the back of the product allows shoppers to access a survey to share their views on human rights, while the packaging itself states that ‘human rights’ contains “Equality, Compassion, Humanity and Respect”.

The abbreviation of this phrase – ECHR – also doubles as that of the European Convention of Human Rights, an agreement prime minister Rishi Sunak has indicated the UK could withdraw from in the coming year, igniting the launch of Lush’s campaign.

In a release, Lush campaigns manager, Andrew Butler, said: “Lush have a long history of championing human rights around the world, and we feel it is vital to stand up for our rights.

“In the UK we are faced with a worrying and sustained attack on our essential human rights, from the right to protest to the right to hold the government to account.

These rights exist to protect us all but are especially important to protect those who are already marginalised and therefore more likely to suffer abuse and exploitation.”

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