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Nike to sell Lioness’ goalkeeper shirt following mounting backlash

By Rachel Douglass


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England Women's National Team Home and Away Shirts. Credits: Nike

Sportswear giant Nike has caved under mounting pressure from outraged fans, now stating that it will manufacture replicas of Mary Earp’s England goalkeeper shirt.

The company was faced with hefty criticism, and a petition signed by 150,000 people, after it opted not to sell the Lioness’ top as part of its World Cup collection.

Despite being the official provider to the women’s football team, Nike’s decision came regardless of its acknowledging the growing demand for the shirt, and its offering of a similar top for the men’s teams.

Earps herself had also commented on Nike’s decision, telling the BBC that the company’s initial refusal had been “hugely disappointing and very hurtful”, resulting in her attempt to approach talks with the brand.

Now, however, Nike has agreed to sell Earps shirts in “limited quantities”, as well as goalkeeper jerseys for the US, France and the Netherlands, which are to be sold through the Federation’s websites over the coming days.

In a statement to the press, the company said: “We recognise that during the tournament we didn’t serve those fans who wished to show their passion and support to the squad’s goalkeepers. We are committed to retailing women’s goalkeeping jerseys for major tournaments in the future.”

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