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Over 4.000 Fashion Brands in FashionUnited Brand Directory

By FashionUnited


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Image Credit: FashionUnited

The fashion industry is constantly growing, introducing new brands in various categories, whether it is digital, sustainable, circular, or fast fashion. The value of the fashion sector is estimated at nearly two trillion US dollars, making it possible for the industry to expand in many directions.

As an international B2B network, FashionUnited introduces the Brand Directory, entailing a collection of over 4,000 brands, and counting. The directory is accessible to the public and each of the brands has a page summarising all relevant information about the brand, such as the mission, contact information, and the location. Through providing transparent and comprehensive overviews of various brands, fashion professionals can easily find out more about them. Thus, strengthening the connection between professionals and companies in the industry.

The ever growing Brand Directory amongst other products and services, plays a crucial role in expanding and optimising the global B2B network of FashionUnited, through providing transparent and skillful navigation. FashionUnited strives to make the industry more efficient by connecting over one million of fashion professionals monthly. FashionUnited's business intelligence has been optimised for over 20 years and has grown to develop tools that contribute to progressing the global fashion industry.

Find out more about the brands in the Fashion Brands Directory here.

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