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Pacsun unveils first NFT series

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Pacsun, Pac Mall Rats

In a continuation of its youth-centred strategy, Pacsun has revealed its further exploration of the metaverse with the launch of a non-fungible token (NFT) series, Pac Mall Rats.

The initial release will include three rat NFTs, each representing the brand’s retail locations in Los Angeles. Over time, it plans to launch a further 300 unique Pac Mall Rats, all corresponding to Pacsun’s mall presence and stand-alone retail sites.

Each character has been designed by Pacsun’s in-house team and comes with a full-body look consisting of items from the retailer’s current campaigns and product initiatives.

“We understand that the virtual world holds equal weight for our Pacsun community as the physical world, and Pac Mall Rats is truly a hybrid between the two,” said Brie Olson, president of Pacsun, in a statement. “Our Pac Mall Rats series truly embodies the persona of Pacsun Kids who love the mall space and are heavily influenced by the Metaverse.”

The launch closely follows that of the brand’s first NFT, which was unveiled in November 2021 and drew inspiration from its wave logo. According to the retailer, the NFT sold for above the asking price, which Olson said had proven the initial interest in Pacsun’s presence in the area.

She added: “Considering the great response from our community, we realised, like with many of our digital touchpoints, that NFTs are another gateway to speak to our consumer.”

Commencing February 7, the current Pac Mall Rats collection will be available for auction through Open Sea, starting at 200 dollars. Alongside each purchase, buyers will also receive a physical clothing item depicting the bought NFT.