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Pakistan Accord outlines first supplier list for signatories

By Rachel Douglass


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Karachi, Pakistan. Credits: Unsplash.

The Pakistan Accord, an agreement formulated by the International Accord, has published its first list of suppliers, providing its signatories with an overview of the names, addresses and production processes, among other things, for those covered under the deal.

The list comprises information on over 400 factories that supply 52 of the accord’s signatory brands, with the organisation stating that this number is expected to grow as newer participants begin to disclose their supplier information in the coming days.

In a release, Joris Oldenziel, executive director of the International Accord, said: “This list holds immense value for us and all our stakeholders. Instead of merely naming the facilities supplying to our Pakistan Accord signatories, the data points in this list provide important details on the structure, floors, workforce size, and active brands within each supplier facility.

“We look forward to this information playing a key role in mapping the Pakistani textile and garment industry and in ensuring transparency and accountability within the supply chains of our signatories.”

There are a total 64 garment and textile brands that have joined the Pakistan Accord so far, just months after it had first been launched in December 2022.

The accord’s introduction came after a decade-long push towards a safer factory industry in Pakistan, and had initially been modelled on the Bangladesh Accord, which was established after the 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse.

The legally-binding agreement requires companies to adhere to time-bound renovation plans in a bid to eliminate hazards highlighted during health and safety inspections.

It further ensures that suppliers have the resources to pay for such renovations, while additionally protecting all workers throughout a brand's supply chain.

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