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PETA launches stink bomb protest at Hermès Paris boutique

By Rachel Douglass


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PETA activist outside Hermès Paris boutique. Credits: PETA, Thomas Saidi.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has amped up its pressure on Hermès in the run-up to Christmas, releasing “a foul-smelling spray” into one of the luxury brand’s Paris boutiques.

The activist that carried out the protest donned a t-shirt stating “Hermès stinks of death” while holding a sign that read “Hermès: Stop Exotic Skins”.

The action was in relation to a past investigation into what PETA claimed were intensive farms belonging to Hermès, where crocodiles used in the brand’s supply chain were believed to be found in inhumane conditions.

Following the investigation, which was carried out by the Australian association Kindness Project in 2021, video footage released by PETA further showed that “Hermès suppliers in Texas and Zimbabwe confined tens of thousands of crocodiles to barren concrete pits” before killing them.

The organisation alleged that it took the skins of three crocodiles to make a Hermès Birkin bag, and further elaborated on past studies – namely by the Nature Needs More campaign group – that have shown the use of animal skins in fashion increases the risk of viruses spreading to humans.

In a statement, PETA vice president for Europe, Mimi Bekhechi, said: “It is high time Hermès stopped turning its nose up at animal rights – an issue of major importance to today’s consumers, who reject industries that confine and torture animals.

“We urge the company to turn its back on these archaic and cruel materials, which stink of death.”

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