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Primark expands range of recycled cotton apparel

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Primark x Recover

Primark has expanded on its partnership with Recover, a recycled cotton fibre manufacturer, making it the first major retailer to launch the company’s proprietary RColorBlend fibre globally through a new leisurewear collection.

Recover, which transforms textile waste into recycled cotton fibres and cotton blend fibres, produces RColorBlend by merging its coloured and strong recycled fibres. According to the organisation, the process takes out the use of additional dye while also limiting the amount of water and chemicals.

Primark’s leisurewear collection, consisting of t-shirts and sweatshirts, will be available in a selection of its stores in 14 countries throughout Europe and the US.

In a release, director of Primark Cares, Lynne Walker, said she was delighted to strengthen the partnership with Recover, adding: “This will continue to bring Recover innovations to a broad market and support our work to increase the amount of recycled materials in our garments.

“For change to happen at scale in the fashion industry, we need alliances and collaboration and we will continue to engage in partnerships like this to support our ambition to become more circular and reduce our environmental impact.”

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