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Puma to host sustainable fashion conference in London

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Puma

Sports giant Puma has announced it will be hosting a conference focused on solutions to drive a more sustainable fashion industry.

Set to take place in London on September 6, the ‘Conference of the People’ will see a number of activists, NGOs, experts, ambassadors and consumers take to the event to discuss various sustainability issues and potential solutions.

As part of the occasion, the company launched a dedicated online platform, pumacop.com, which will offer more information on the event and allow individuals to register. The conference will be further livestreamed on the platform.

“We will focus on Gen Z during the event, as we want to give this generation a voice when it comes to the decisions that have been made today to shape a more sustainable future,” said Bjørn Gulden, CEO of Puma, in a release.

Gulden continued: “At the United Nations they call it Conference of the Parties, we call it Conference of the People.”

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