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Puma to open LA-based studio dedicated to US market

By Rachel Douglass


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Architectural illustration of the Puma Studio in LA. Credits: Puma.

Sportswear giant Puma is preparing to open a new studio in Los Angeles as part of its efforts to strategically target US consumers in a dedicated manner.

The Puma Studio is scheduled to open early 2025, and will serve as a creative space for design and marketing teams to address and cater to the city’s influential communities and celebrities.

In a release, the brand’s chief executive officer, Arne Freundt, doubled down on this goal, stating: “Opening our Puma Studio in LA is an important strategic move for us, as we seek to elevate our business in the US.

“Our new home will allow us to attract the best talent in one of the most vibrant and creative cities globally to create great product propositions for the US market.”

The opening is set to complement Puma’s existing global and regional product teams located in Somerville, Massachusetts, while the new location further looks to bring the brand closer to some of its most important ambassadors in music and entertainment.

As such, there will also be a space for VIP clients to have exclusive access to Puma’s upcoming products.

The company noted that it had already started the recruitment process for talent at the temporary office location in LA.