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Rolex SA to acquire luxury watch group Bucherer AG

By Don-Alvin Adegeest


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Rolex to acquire Bucherer Credits: Bucherer store

In a strategic move, Rolex has announced it will acquire Bucherer, the well-known watch retailer. Despite the acquisition, Bucherer will maintain its unique identity and operational independence. The integration is awaiting approval from competition authorities.

The decision comes after Jörg Bucherer, due to the absence of direct heirs, chose to sell his company. The acquisition reflects Rolex's dedication to preserving Bucherer's success and the enduring partnership formed since 1924.

Over the past nine decades, the collaboration between the two companies has driven mutual achievements and exponential growth, the companies said in a statement. Rolex is a leader in Swiss luxury watches, while Bucherer has become a global multi-brand retail presence, spanning multiple countries.

Bucherer operates over 100 retail outlets globally, with 53 dedicated to Rolex and 48 to Tudor. The retailer also serves as an official after-sales hub for both brands, boasting highly skilled in-house watchmakers.

Rolex believes the acquisition will benefit its brands, watch and jewellery partners, and Bucherer's workforce.

The longstanding partnership between Rolex and Bucherer dates back to 1924, with Jörg Bucherer being the sole active link to Rolex's founder, Hans Wilsdorf. Jörg Bucherer will serve as honorary president within the Bucherer group.

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