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Seamm closes funding round to help develop digital fashion platform

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Marina Martianova, Seamm

US start-up Seamm has announced its launch out of stealth with 1.7 million dollars in funding to scale and develop its digital fashion goods platform.

From October, the company, which is launching as part of tech conglomerate The Lydian Group, will offer brands the opportunity to expand into the metaverse through the creation of 3D versions of existing physical items.

It will also grant the option to create and sell exclusive digital-only collections, giving brands the opportunity to explore a new distribution channel and connect with Gen Z shoppers.

For consumers, Seamm will provide new ways to personalise in-game avatars with the use of an in-app marketplace, where they can purchase items to be exported into virtual worlds and video games.

In a release, the platform’s CEO and founder, Marina Martianova, said Seamm is dedicated to supporting independent fashion designers and cult niche products, with it starting out alongside hand-picked brands from Portugal, the UK, Spain and the Middle East.

For its launch, Seamm will be collaborating with artist Misha Libertee, who has worked on a capsule collection of four digital items inspired by his stained-glass print, each available to purchase in Decentraland.

According to Martianova, Seamm’s other collaborations involve brands that bring something unique in their approach to fashion, from women-led teams to producing limited-only collections.

Speaking on the project, CEO and co-founder of The Lydian Group, Gerard Lopez, said: “Seamm as a product is the perfect blend of fashion and technology, bridging the gap between physical and digital worlds, as mainstream adoption of the digital assets space continues to grow.

“There are a lot of exciting opportunities for a brand like this and Marina is the best person to have at the helm - she has a natural feeling for the start-up environment and her energy is infectious to employees, investors and clients alike.”

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