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South African shopping centre unveils AI-powered marketing campaign

By Rachel Douglass


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Credits: Sandton City. ‘City of Icons’, AI-powered marketing campaign.

Sandton City, a Johannesburg-based shopping centre, has exhibited how the fast developing artificial intelligence (AI) can be put to good use when it comes to marketing.

The South African retailer has unveiled a campaign powered by the smart technology that displays digital iterations of iconic fashion staples in a reinvention of its ‘City of Icons’ campaign launched last year.

Items such as the little black dress, trench coat and hoodie have taken on new forms, each recreated using a generative AI programme, a Midjourney Bot on Discord.

The campaign, which can be viewed on screens throughout the centre, aims to help visitors envision incorporating these items into their wardrobes, as well as encouraging them to imagine future possibilities where tech and fashion integrate.

To complement the campaign, Sandton City will also be producing a futuristic six-part docu-series on social media, taking viewers into how the AI was leveraged and giving insight into how different retailers in the centre are utilising AI technology to personalise their offerings.

In a release, Dimitri Kokinos, general manager of Sandton City, said: "Pioneering the evolution of retail through cutting-edge innovation is a key priority for Sandton City.

“By continuously pushing the boundaries, we aim to remain ahead of the curve and to inspire our shoppers with the belief that the future is an exciting space, filled with limitless possibilities for all of us.”

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